Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thornberries Day

Another glorious, fabulous, wonderful sewing day with the Thornberries gals! this is terry s. table topper. it was a sample for one of her classes..... this is a green and brown quilt that was WOW!!! with minkee on the back. Love it Terry!!!!
more samples from one of Terry's classes. so cute. pattern is an Aktinson design I think.
Another one from Terry. I believe it's a baby gift for a nephew. hope I got that right. I didn't get a pic of all the cute recieving blankets she was making for a new little grandson. they were soooo cute..... This quilt belongs to Sue. I thinkk she said it was a kit. LOVE IT!!!

a few years ago, we gave each other fabric for our birthdays. sue completed this quilt with her birthday fabric. . isn't it beautiul?
Louise made this one. love it!
This one is dimensional. also by louise! love it!
This is the same one as before. but can you see the scalloped edges. so pretty......
This one is from Barb! a few years ago we all worked on this chicken quilt. Barb did hers a little different. I love it!!! this is a close up, next pic is the whole quilt.

again Barb. this is an antique quilt she bought at a garage sale as a top. I believe she hand quilted it. this looks sooooo comfy!

ok, sorry about that. but I don't want her to see this! LOL.... I trust you Jenn, don't look!

I have had Demi with me for a couple of days. she went to work with me and did all the dusting, folded lots of FQ's, we had lunch together and today she went to TB with me. Demi likes to sew, so we made 4 snap bags. one for her, one for her mom Jenn, and 2 for her 2 sisters. she did a great job! hope you had fun sweetie!

Thanks gals for such a wonderful day! I came home very relaxed. I appreciate that! our own little quilt retreat! just not long enough.......

and thanks Demi, for coming with me. love ya sweetie.....


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