Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Surprise For My Parents

My parents are having a special anniversary this summer. And all of us kids have wanted to plan something special for them. Well, they are going up to the mountains for the summer and will not want to come down while it's so hot. Sooooo..... my brother and his wife came up with the idea of going to Vegas. My parents were married there. So we thought that having them renew their vows with all of us there with them. Then Bruce came up with the idea of Elvis coming to present the "surprise"! Sooooooo here is Elvis! Here is Elvis and my parents.
Here is Mom and Dad looking at the book Melissa made for them. Darn I didn't get a picture of it. It turned out soooo nice!

Elvis did a really great job and was very funny! Mom thought that Elvis was Justin - our grandson - she wasn't quite sure what was happening.

But I think they enjoyed themselves! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you very much!!!
Lorene, Dean, Cindy and Ronny...

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