Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blame it on Lorene

a while back I mentioned about a customer came in with a scrappy triple irish chain. I fell in love! I was telling my charmer group about it and we decided to do a swap. we needed 32 81 patch squares and 31 of the alternate block. now these 81 patches are 1.5" squares! Yikes, what was I thinking!!! It was MUCH harder than I thought it would be. not all my corners match correctly. but thank goodness the other ladies had the same problem. so we agreed that we would be forgiving. besides when the blocks were thrown on the floor and you step back, they looked great!!!! That darn Judy, finished her quilt!!! She showed it today at rippers. She named it "blame it on Lorene". I asked if it is my fault does that mean the quilt is mine? she didn't answer me! Judy did a wonderful job putting it together. I soooo love this quilt. mine, well, I haven't sewn for 2 weeks. we are about to start on a remodel so I have been a little busy. more on that later. Anyway, had to share the pic. be sure to click on the picture to see it better. sorry it is dark.



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